Publication from the 4th workshop

The Scottish Journal of Political Economy has now published, at, a special issue on ‘The Economics of the Middle East and North Africa’ which includes papers from the 4th RIEME workshop:

Maya Shatzmiller, ‘Structural change and economic development in the Islamic Middle East 700-1500: Population levels and property rights’

Samir Makdisi, ‘The Arab region: development without democracy’

Mehmet Bacilar, Jeffrey B. Nugent and Jiahui Xu, ‘Adversities in Syria and their relation to their physical and mental health conditions as Syrian refugees in Turkey’

Hany Abdel-Latif and Mahmoud El-Gamal, ‘White elephants on quicksand: Low oil prices and high geopolitical risk’

David Cobham, ‘Monetary policy frameworks in the Middle East and North Africa: How do they compare with other groupings?’